Sentence Examples

  • Another fine product of the team up of Breitling Watches and Bentley Motors, the Breitling Limited Edition Bentley Motors GT Men's Watch 686 comes with a chronograph and retails for $6,670.
  • Augusta 686 Reversible Wicking Youth Custom Basketball Uniform: This style is done in 100% polyester and is fully reversible.
  • In 686 the South Saxons attacked Hlothhere, king of Kent, in support of his nephew Eadric, but soon afterwards Berhthun was killed and the kingdom subjugated for a time by Ceadwalla, who had now become king of Wessex.
  • In 681 Wilfrid of York, on his expulsion from Northumbria by Ecgfrith, retired into Sussex, where he remained until 686 converting its pagan inhabitants.
  • 597 to 686), though during the last thirty the ancestral heathenism was only lingering on in remote corners of the land.