68000 meaning

A family of 32-bit microprocessors from Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX, www.freescale.com, a spin-off of Motorola in 2004. Motorola introduced the first 68000 CPU in 1980, and the series has been known as the "MC68000," "68K" and "680x0." The chips were used in various devices, including workstations, PBXs and the early Macintosh line, starting with the first Mac in 1984. The instruction set and other elements of the 68000 architecture continue in Freescale's 68K/ColdFire embedded processor line.Bus MaxModel Size RAM 68000 16 16MB 68020 32 4GB 68030 32 4GB (built-in cache) 68040 32 4GB (2x fast as 68030) 68060 32 4GB (last model)