Sentence Examples

  • A midrange budget Geforce 6800 with 128MB RAM will do the job just fine and often costs less than $180 on internet retail stores.
  • The PS3 uses the Nvidia RSX, which Sony says is more powerful than two GeForce 6800 strapped together.
  • Its growth may be realized from the fact that during a part of 1906, $806,015 worth of building permits were granted; the customs receipts, $57,994 in 1905, grew to $104,416 in 1906; the mail parcels handled increased from 6800 to 12,079; and the express parcels handled from 1277 to 2347.
  • At first it is rather a succession of isolated volcanic cones than a continuous ridge, the most conspicuous peaks being Orosi (5185 ft.), the four-crested Rincon de la Viej a (4500), Miravalles (4698) and Tenorio (6800).
  • To nightfall, the 65,000 French troops had lost 6800 men, or about ro %; the allies (82,500 engaged) had 12,200 killed and wounded, and left in the enemy's hands 15,000 prisoners (many wounded) and 133 guns.