Sentence Examples

  • These range for $29.99 a month for 200 anytime minutes and 15 cents for additional minutes to $69.99 a month for 650 minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile, and $0.108 per extra minute.
  • When your credit score gets high enough (generally above 650), consider applying for a regular non-secured card, with which you will continue to charge small amounts and pay off in full each month.
  • The average American credit score is about 650, so that is a good place to start; most creditors look for something on or about what is considered to be the national average credit score.
  • The unit has a 650 watt motor, making it less powerful than the 12 cup food processor in the Wolfgang Puck line and stronger than the stand-alone four cup food processor.
  • Many lenders believe that a credit score around 600 to 650 is fair credit scoring, while those with a credit score near 700 may have a good score.