Sentence Examples

  • Mortgage rates for investment properties can vary as much as 3 percent between those with a higher credit score rating (between 760 and 850) and those with a lower rating (below 620).
  • For example, a mortgage lender may state that 720 is considered "good" but a credit card issuer catering to people with bad credit may consider 620 to be a "good" score.
  • For example, someone with a credit rating of 750 may be able to secure a mortgage rate of 6.2 percent, while someone with a rating of 620 may only get 7.6 percent.
  • Texas Lending: This company advertises high mortgage approval ratings for applicants with credit scores of 620, or as low as 540 with an FHA guarantee in place.
  • The dividing line between standard and subprime mortgages is 620, with credit scores at or below that level falling into the subprime lending category.