Sentence Examples

  • Apple also may have lost sales as a result of the suspension, as some customers may have decided they needed to buy a smartphone right away and couldn't wait for Apple to start pre-selling the iPhone 4G again.
  • It also comes loaded with a personal hotspot function, allowing you to take that 3G or 4G connection and convert the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot that can then be shared with up to eight different devices.
  • Verizon seems to be ahead of the competition when it comes to getting a 4G network up and running, so some iPhone fans are hopeful that this means Verizon customers may finally get to use the iPhone.
  • If you still have the iPhone 3G and you're eagerly awaiting the new iPhone 4G, have a look at the iPhone 3G S to see if the differences are enough to make you want an upgrade.
  • Both of these smartphones take advantage of the new 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network from Verizon, offering some of the fastest wireless data speeds available today.