Sentence Examples

  • Shortly before the end of the 5th century the Langobardi appear to have taken possession of the territories formerly occupied by the Rugii whom Odoacer had overthrown in 487, a region which probably included the present province of Lower Austria.
  • Ranking as a papal cathedral, this became a much-favoured place of assembly for ecclesiastical councils both in antiquity (313, 487) and more especially during the middle ages.
  • The remaining Europeans are mostly planters and heads of industrial establish 1 Including 487 in Merauke, the capital of Dutch New Guinea.
  • The day after Barkiyaroq's triumphant entry into Bagdad, Muharram 487 (February 1094), he died suddenly, apparently by poison.
  • In length, the river had a tendency to form islands and sandbanks - its width now varies uniformly from 455 to 487 yds.