Sentence Examples

  • Patients with the favorable type of cell have a long-term survival rate of 93 percent, whereas those with anaplasia have a long-term survival rate of 43 percent and those with the sarcoma form have a survival rate of 36 percent.
  • Choosing the best stories after 43 years of storytelling is an impossible task.  Fans will all have their favorites, but many One Life To Live storylines were notable for their risk taking elements and gritty realism.
  • According to NatureWorks, LLC, their revolutionary Ingeo product produces 43 percent less greenhouse gases and uses 48 percent less non-renewable energy than traditional polymers like PET, PVC, LDPE, PP and GPPS.
  • In the 43 years since the beginning of the first Star Trek television episode to the release of the 2009 Star Trek movie, there have been many costume changes as the uniforms changed and evolved.
  • Together, these parks offer guests 43 roller coasters - a total that ranks Ohio as third in the nation behind California's 73 roller coasters and the 44 in Ohio's eastern neighbor, Pennsylvania.