Sentence Examples

  • Although their size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, one example of this type of game board offered by Displays to Go measures 33 inches wide and 41 inches high and has 15 card slots that measure 9 x 5 inches each.
  • Though Grauman's marks the official beginning and end to the tour, you can hop on at a number of locations throughout the city, including many hotels, for an additional fee ($41 for adults, $32 for children).
  • The aforementioned large color screen (35 x 41 mm) is a very high resolution for a cell phone (352 x 416 pixels), and there is a secondary VGA camera mounted on the front for video calls.
  • A bountiful 41 different models make up the Pasha collection, ensuring that every lady in the world can find a Cartier wrist watch of unequaled quality in a style made just for her.
  • The Farmers Insurance Group, based in Los Angeles, California, currently operates in 41 states across the nation and is responsible for serving more than 15 million customers.