Sentence Examples

  • Other driving skills you'll learn in driving classes include how to handle 4-way intersections, how to drive through rotary circles, and how to get on and off the interstate.
  • Daisy Lace 4-way Bra - Feminine details like Venice lace between the molded cups and adjustable daisy straps make this extended size push up bra attractive.
  • Button Layout - The Game Boy Advance features a 4-way D-pad, Start and Select buttons, two shoulder buttons (L and R) and two face buttons (A and B).
  • Combines the technology of HeatGear with ArmourStretch to give you full mobility and even more efficient wicking thanks to the 4-way stretch.
  • Like the men's shorts, they feature 4-way stretch that keeps them up to the mark all day, and the quick-drying fabric adds to the appeal.