Sentence Examples

  • As part of the 32/64-bit generation of gaming machines, the Nintendo 64 was in direct competition with the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, as well as the less successful Atari Jaguar and Panasonic 3DO.
  • Because of the lack of support from third-party software developers, as well as the fact that the 3DO only sat on the market for two years, there are very few titles available for this home console.
  • The system was made based on specifications outlined by The 3DO Company, but it was up to the individual manufacturers to make the actual console; they could design the exterior to their liking.
  • Lesser-known systems such as the Phillips CD-i, Commodore's CDTV, the 3DO, NeoGeo's systems and Atari's Jaguar enjoyed only limited success and a small (but often devoted) fanbase.
  • The early 1990s brought Phillips into the market with CD-I, Commodore with their CDTV, the Panasonic 3DO, and Atari's Jaguar, none of which had substantial success.