Sentence Examples

  • Premium Annual Passport: This season pass has no blackout dates and includes more merchandise discounts and free parking for $390.
  • The 25-year-old was placed on three years of probation, as well as ordered to pay a $390 fine plus penalties.
  • Saki 710 can be found for as high as $390 and at discounted prices for around $179.
  • In the House of Representatives, which has the large membership of 390, representation is on the basis of population, but is so arranged as to favour the rural districts; thus every town or ward of a city having 600 inhabitants is allowed one representative, but, although for every additional representative 1200 additional inhabitants are required, any town having less than 600 inhabitants is allowed a representative for such proportionate part of the time the legislature is in session as the number of its inhabitants bears to 600.
  • In 1905 the iron and steel product had increased in value since 1900 44.9%, to $ 8 7,35 2, 7 61; the foundry and machine shop products 25.2%, to $79,9 61, 4 82; and the wire product showed even greater increase, largely because of a difference of classification in the two censuses, the value in 1905 being $14,099,566, as against $2,879,188 in 1900, showing an increase of nearly 390%.