Sentence Examples

  • Xbox live numbers show that players have logged more than 387 million hours of Halo 2 gaming time online through the company's multiplayer network.
  • Bulic, who had charge of the work and of the museum at Spalato, reported in 1894 that the collection of minor objects comprised "2034 inscriptions, 387 sculptures, 176 architectural pieces, 1548 fragments or objects of terra-cotta and vases, 1243 objects of glass, 3184 of metal, 929 of bone, 122 9 gems, 128 objects from prehistoric times, and 15,000 coins" (Munro, P. 244).
  • The result of the war was especially disastrous to Thebes, as the general settlement of 387 stipulated the complete autonomy of all Greek towns and so withdrew the other Boeotians from its political control.
  • 387, been divided between Persia and Byzantium, the greater part falling to the former, who discouraged Greek and favoured Syriac, which the Christian Armenians did not understand.
  • In 387 there was a great sedition caused by a new tax levied by order of Theodosius, and the city was punished by the loss of its metropolitan status.