Sentence Examples

  • In one instance the quantity of water required to keep down the dust in a mine raising 850 tons of coal in a single shift was 28.8 tons, apart from that required by the jets and motors.
  • Other important manufactures with the product-value of each in 1905 were malt liquors ($1,185,525), foundry and machine shop products ($2,820,697), structural iron-work ($1,991,771), steam railway car construction and repairing ($2,027,248), patent medicines ($1,715,889), furniture ($1,238,324), cooperage ($1,415,360), and hosiery and knit goods ($957455) The total value of the factory product was $94,407,774 in 1900, and $121,593,120 in 1905, an increase of 28.8%; in 1905 the value of the factory product was 39.5% of that of the entire state.
  • Is extraordinary; and freezing point is only reached on extremely rare occasions, such as during hurricanes or electric storms. The mean annual temperature is about 25.7° C. (78° F.); that of the hottest month is about 28.8° C. (84° F.), and that of the coldest, 21° C. (70° F.).
  • Of the total acreage in 1900 of all crops 58' 3% was in cereals and 28'8% in hay and forage; of the acreage of cereals 40' 8% was in wheat, 31 8% in Indian corn, 21 6% in oats and 3.7% in rye.
  • At Jan Mayen (8) in 1882-1883 the mean azimuth of the summit of the arcs was 28.8° W.