Sentence Examples

  • Haukr Erlendsson, who wrote this paragraph about 1300, died in 1334; his edition was founded on material in two earlier works, that of Styrmir Karason (who died 1245), which is lost, and that of Hurla Thordson (died 1284) which has no such paragraph.
  • The reign of S~ncb& IV Sancho IV., surnamed El Bravo, or the Fierce (1284 1284-1296.1296), was one constant struggle with the very nobles who had helped him against his father, with his youngel brothers, and with the sons of Fernando de Ia Cerda.
  • In 1301 the kings eldest surviving son Edward, who had been born at Carnarvon in 1284, was created prince of Wales, and invested with the principality, which henceforth became the regular appanage of the heirs of the English crown.
  • The giudici continued to exist at least until 1275, and perhaps till 1284, but about 1260 Sassari seems to have shaken itself free, and in 1275 and 1286 we find Pisa treating Sassari as a free commune.
  • In 1284 he induced the Estates to recognize as his heir-presumptive his grand-daughter Margaret, the "Maid of Norway"; and next year the desire for a male heir led him to contract a second marriage.