Sentence Examples

  • D6rpfeld's identification of the Dionysium, Ev Xt pvats cannot be regarded as proved; his view that another Pythium and another Olympieum existed in this neighbourhood is still less probable; but the inconclusiveness of these theories does not necessarily invalidate his identification of the Enneacrunus, with regard to the position of which the language of Thucydides is far from clear.
  • When Darius attempted to become independent of the powerful vizier (xt.Mapxos), Bagoas tried to poison him too; but Darius was warned and forced him to drink the poison himself (Diod xvii.
  • Thus she is Xt vaia, Sorocva XL, wins ("lady of the lake"),EXeLa ("of marshes"), 7roTaµ(a ("of rivers," especially of the Cladaus and Alpheus, whence her name 'AX0eacia).

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