Sentence Examples

  • Hruschka's extractor, first brought to public xa cto s.X?
  • =x d,b,c d ', c', , d "b" c",, original determinant is = o, and therefore the determinant itself is = o; that is, the linear equations give x'a,b,c - d,b,c =o; a', b', c' d', b', c' a", b', c" d", b", c" which is the result obtained above.
  • Amongst them, actually or potentially, are the grand steward (0yas oircovo,uos), who serves him as deacon in the liturgy and presents candidates for orders; the grand visitor (µryas oaKEAAaptos), who superintends the monasteries; the sacristan (o - KEvocAuAa); the chancellor (X apr041,Xa), who superintends ecclesiastical causes; the deputyvisitor (o rou caKEAAiov), who visits the nunneries; the protonotary (7rpwrovorapcos); the logothete (Aoy06Erns), a most important lay officer, who represents the patriarch at the Porte and elsewhere outside; the censer-bearer, who seems to be also a kind of captain of the guard (Kavarpio-cos or Kavvrp11vQLos); the referendary (pEckpevSapcos); the secretary (i)7rown L uoyp x4wv); the chief syndic (7rpwrEK&Kos), 1 The numbers have varied from time to time.
  • 7) that "he emptied himself and took upon him the form of a servant" (EauTOv µop4 v OovXoD Xa(3c7.v).
  • The various forms in areal co-ordinates may be derived from the above by substituting Xa for 1, µb for m and vc for n, or directly by expressing the condition for tangency of the line x+y+z = o to the conic expressed in areal coordinates.

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