Sentence Examples

  • The company creates WordPress blogs, message boards, ecommerce solutions, photo galleries, product demos using Flash, complex interactive calendars, user registration portals, product catalogs, banners, and Flash websites.
  • While these don't offer some of the bells and whistles of the full WordPress installation, that can be a blessing in disguise because it forces you to concentrate on what's really important: the content.
  • While content management systems like WordPress and Joomla will support multiple blogs and multiple authors on a single blog, they are designed for relatively few actual sites--a dozen or so.
  • With the easy approachability of free platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, more and more people are creating their own video game blogs as a part of their video game home based business.
  • All of the parts of a theme are created using sophisticated CSS and HTML tags, and that means that a misplaced comma, semicolon, or parentheses can wreak havoc on your WordPress blog.