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Free Online Word Professor Game

Go to the head of the class with this Tetris-like free online word game. You’ve got to be quick and strategic to make words from the letters as they drop from above. The pressure's on, but "Power-Up" blocks can give you an advantage if you use them wisely. Watch out for the Professor as he tries to stump you with pop quizzes in this fun word cube game.

Requires Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 and above.


Game Instructions

  • Click on letter blocks to string together a word.
  • A word must be at least 3 letters long.
  • Blocks do not have to be adjacent to make a word.
  • Click on the last letter twice to enter the word.
  • Blocks will disappear if the word is accepted.

Special "Power-Up" blocks

  • Get a starred block to the bottom for extra points.
  • Get a question mark block to the bottom for a quiz question. Answering correctly will increase your grade. Incorrect answers will decrease your grade.
  • Use a letter in a purple block for extra points.
  • Use a letter in a green box to slow the game. This is useful when trying to clear letters from a danger area.

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