Sentence Examples

  • The quantities of cane sugar are based on the trade circulars of Messrs Wil ett & Gray of New York; those of beet sugar on the trade circulars of Messrs F.
  • In the event of the male line of the present ruling family becoming extinct, the female line will succeed in Waldeck, but Pyrmont wil y fall to Prussia.
  • (2) But in the lawe of the Lord his wil; and in the lawe of hym he shal sweteli thenke dai and ny3t.
  • Thy wil be done, as in heauen, in earth also.
  • The name is of uncertain origin; some derive it from lolium, tares, quoting Chaucer (C. Shipman's Prologue) "This Loller heer wil prechen us somwhat..