Sentence Examples

  • WAV files are as close to heady heights of CD digital quality as you can get - in fact, WAV files are comparable to the CDDA files used in professional recordings - so, if you want to burn a CD, you want to save the tracks as WAV files.
  • This article will outline those differences, list some of the most popular Star Trek sound effects that fans like to download, and some resources where you too can download your own Star Trek WAV sounds.
  • There are certain sounds from the various Star Trek TV series and movies that fans around the world are able to instantly recognize, which is why Star Trek WAV sound files are so popular.
  • While it's possible to find a very long list of free WAV files on the Internet for Trek sounds, there are certain sound effects that are extremely popular among Trekkie fans.
  • This is why Trek fans prefer WAV sound files - despite the large file size, these sounds are a much better representation of the original effects in the shows and the movies.