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  • In the pseudo-chronicles, the Historia of Geoffrey and the translations by Wace and Layamon, Lancelot does not appear at all; the queen's lover, whose guilty passion is fully returned, is Mordred.
  • His eldest son Seleucus, who had ruled in the east as viceroy from 275 (?) till 268/7, was put to death in that year by his father on the charge of rebellion (Wace, J.H.S.
  • Wace, "Hellenistic Royal Portraits," Journ.
  • Wace, Dictionary of Christian Biography, i.; C. Krumbacher, Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur (1897); G.
  • (Munchen, 1891); Wace, The Apocrypha (" Speaker's Commentary ") (1888).

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