Sentence Examples

  • Vonage is part of the growing VoIP Phone Service vendors intent on taking the business away from traditional phone companies who charge more for the same number or services offered as a package with VoIP providers.
  • In many ways, this would be the same thing as using a service like Vonage for your home's landline telephone, except you are afforded much greater mobility with a cell phone.
  • A Vonage VoIP phone system can help level the playing field, no matter if you are a single proprietor of a SOHO business, or a small business with 100 employees.
  • Vonage phone service may be the perfect solution for home office, small and medium-sizes business owners looking to save money on phone charges.
  • Vonage is one Internet-provided service that allows you to call long distance in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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