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  • But Dirk entrenched himself in his stronghold at Vlaardingen, and when winter came on he surrounded and cut off with his light boats a number of the enemy's ships, and destroyed a large part of their army as they made their way amidst the marches, which impeded their retreat.
  • Came to Margaret's aid, winning a sea-fight off Veere in 1351; a few weeks later the Hooks and their English allies were defeated by William and the Cods at Vlaardingen - an overthrow which ruined Margaret's cause.
  • In this way the towns of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maasluis have all gradually extended over the Maas dike in order to keep in touch with the river, and the small town of Delftshaven is built altogether on the outer side of the same dike.
  • Many of the smaller towns, such as Assen, Enschede, Helmond, Hengelo, Tiel, Venlo, Vlaardingen, Zaandam, Yerseke, show a great development, and it is a noteworthy fact that the rural districts, taken as a whole, have borne an equal share in the general increase of population.
  • The deep-sea fishery may be further divided into the so-called " great " or " salt-herring " fishery, mainly carried on from Vlaardingen and Maasluis during the summer and autumn, and the " fresh-herring " fishery, chiefly pursued at Scheveningen, Katwijk and Noordwijk.

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