Sentence Examples

  • Of Madrid, by the Madrid-Valladolid railway.
  • The main authorities for the early history of the Barbary states are: - Luis del Marmol Carvajal, Description de Africa (Granada, 1573); Diego de Haedo, Topographia e Historia General de Argel (Valladolid, 1612); and Pere Pierre Dan, Histoire de Barbarie et de ses corsaires (Paris, 1637).
  • It describes a wide curve eastwards past Soria, then flows westward across the Castilian table-land, passing south of Valladolid, with Toro and Zamora on its right bank; then from a point 3 m.
  • Six considerable steppe regions are counted: (I) that of Old Castile, situated to the south of Valladolid, and composed chiefly of hills of gypsum; (2) that of New Castile, in the south-east (including parts of La Mancha); (3) the Aragonese, occupying the upper part of the basin of the Ebro; (4) the littoral, stretching along the south-east coast from Alicante to the neighborhood of Almeria; (5) the Granadine, in the east of Upper Andalusia (the former kingdom of Granada); and (6) the Baetic, in Lower Andalusia, on both sides of the valley of the Jenil or Genii.
  • Attained its height during the early Roman Soria Empire, when it has been estimated, though Palencia of course on imperfect data, to have numbered Valladolid forty or fifty millions.

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