Sentence Examples

  • The shopkeeper grabbed the Valentino from Claudia, the credit card from Jackson, and bolted to the register.
  • Cesare, who renounced his cardinalate, was sent on a mission to France at the end of the year, bearing a bull of divorce for the new king Louis XII., in exchange for which he obtained the duchy of Valentinois (hence his title of Duca Valentino) and a promise of material assistance in his schemes to subjugate the feudal princelings of Romagna; he married a princess of Navarre.
  • From what remains of Machiavelli's official letters, and from his tract upon the Modo the tenne it duca Valentino per ammazzar Vitellozzo Vitelli, we are able to appreciate the actual relations which existed between the two men, and the growth in Machiavelli's mind of a political ideal based upon his study of the duke's character.
  • That the Cesare of history does not exactly match the Duca Valentino of Machiavelli's writings is certain.
  • The Castello del Valentino is a building partly in the French style of the middle of the 16th century.