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  • The construction of such buildings as the palace at Uxmal and the castillo at Chichen (Chichenitza) indicates a mastery in architectural design.
  • At Uxmal the mass of masonry is to chamber space about as forty to one.
  • The remarkable ruins of Palenque, Uxmal, Chichenitza, Lorillard, Ixinche, Tikal, Copan and Quirigua, with their carved stonework and astonishing architectural conceptions, show that they had attained a high degree of civilization.
  • Thus at Uxmal there stands on a terraced mound the long narrow building known as the governor's house (Casa del Gobernador), 322 ft.
  • The more important of his publications are Le Mexique, souvenirs et impressions de voyage (1863), being his personal report on the expedition of 1857-61, of which the official report is to be found in Viollet-le-Duc's Cites et mines americaines: Mitla, Palenque, Izamal, Chichen-Itza, Uxmal (1863), vol.

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