Sentence Examples

  • Simply put, this two-in-one system is responsible for your home's interior comfort level all year long; giving it the attention and care it deserves is critical to not only your comfort, but your pocket book as well.
  • Kismet & Spill and Spell (ages 7 and up) - This two-in-one package features "Kismet", a strategy game, and "Spill and Spell", a fast-paced spelling game.
  • A medium support bra is perfect for yoga, Pilates or other low-impact activities where you might prefer a two-in-one garment.
  • Whether it is concealer or eye brightener, Bare Escentuals makes affordable two-in-one products perfect for a girl on the go.
  • It contributes to the two-in-one factor of the underwire camis by making them that much more efficient.