Sentence Examples

  • Disastrous battle of Tsushima the Russian fleets were almost completely annihilated.
  • Tsushima I 409.23 26172
  • Isles adjacent to Tsushima - 5 if88o 4.58
  • Betweei this coast and the southern extremity of the Korean peninsula an situated the islands of Iki and Tsushima, the latter being onl~ 30 m.
  • On the south, the RikiU Islands bring her within reach of Formosa and the Malayan archipelago; on the west, Oki, Iki, and Tsushima bridge the sea between her and Korea; on the north-west Sakhalin connects her with the Amur region; and on the north, the Kuriles form an almost continuous route to Kamchatka.