Sentence Examples

  • The proprietary Truman Cell electrostatically charges the smaller air particles, and uses dehydration, high-voltage and ionization to kill microbes.Air fresheners, candles and incense only mask the odors in your home.
  • The Conch House - 625 Truman Ave.; Key West, FL 33040; (305) 293-0020; (800) 207-5806 - This 19th century inn, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been restored to its original elegance.
  • They use proprietary Truman Cell technology to capture 95 percent of the microbes and particulates from the air circulating within your home, and then destroys them with using UV technology.
  • One of the most common complaints is that the Truman Cell needs to be cleaned approximately every week or two and that it must be fully dry before reinserting into the machine.
  • The Truman Filter should be removed from the purifier and cleaned with mild soap and water on a frequent basis to prevent the filter from clogging and becoming useless.