Sentence Examples

  • Veneta (Vienna, 1859); and Trollope, Paul the Pope and Paul the Friar (London, 1860).
  • Trollope (1860), J.
  • For later impressions note: Lady Barker, Station Life in New Zealand (London, 1869); Sir Charles Dilke, Greater Britain (London, new ed., 1885); Anthony Trollope, Australia and New Zealand (London, 1875); J.
  • In 1829 Mrs Frances Trollope established in Cincinnati, where she lived for a part of two years, a "Bazar," which as the principal means of carrying out her plan to benefit the town was entirely unsuccessful; a vivid but scarcely unbiassed picture of Cincinnati in the early thirties is to be found in her Domestic Manners of the Americans (1831).
  • Trollope, A Summer in Brittany (1840); A.