Sentence Examples

  • Furse, Ulm, Trafalgar and Austerlitz (London, 1905).
  • Trafalgar Square is an open space sloping sharply to the north.
  • He did so with masterly skill and swiftness, and the triumphs of Ulm and Austerlitz hid from view the disaster of Trafalgar; and the only official reference to that crushing defeat was couched in these terms: "Storms caused us to lose some ships of the line after a fight imprudently engaged" (speech to the Legislature, 2nd of March 1806).
  • But even before Trafalgar he had begun to strike at that most vulnerable form of wealth, as the Jacobins had done before him.
  • On the 22nd of October, the day after Trafalgar, the remnant of the Austrian army, 23,000 strong, laid down its arms. About 5000 men under Jellachich had escaped to Tirol, 2000 cuirassiers with Prince Ferdinand to Eger in Bohemia, and about io,000 men under Werneck, had surrendered at Heidenheim.