Sentence Examples

  • Of the peninsula of Araya, in the vicinity of which is the island of Tortuga and several groups of islets, generally uninhabited.
  • La Viuda is off the port of Casma, in 9° 23' 30" S.; and Tortuga is 2 m.
  • The small island of Tortuga (north-west of Hispaniola) was seized for this purpose in 1630, converted into a magazine for the goods of the rivals, and made their headquarters, Santo Domingo itself still continuing their hunting ground.
  • Eight years later, however, watching their opportunity when many buccaneers were absent in the larger island, the Spaniards attacked Tortuga, and massacred every settler they could seize.
  • She had named the governor of St Kitts "Governor-General for the French West India Islands," and in 1641 he took possession of Tortuga, expelled all English from the island, and attempted the same with less success in Santo Domingo.