Sentence Examples

  • The data for Edinburgh (64) and London (65) due to Mossman, and those for Tilsit, due to C. Kassner (79), represent the average number of days of thunder per annum.
  • Thence it runs north to Kovno, separating Poland from Russia, and at Kovno it turns west again, still dividing Poland from Russia, until it enters the Prussian province of East Prussia, through which it flows west and north-west past Tilsit for a distance of 70 m.
  • The lowlands of Tilsit are protected against inundation by dikes.
  • The peace of Tilsit (July 7, 1807) enabled Napoleon to press on his projects for securing the command of the Mediterranean, thenceforth a fundamental axiom of his policy.
  • Proceeded with plans which he had secretl) concerted after the treaty of Tilsit for transferring the infantf of Spain who, after the death of her consort, reigned at Florence on behalf of her young son, Charles Louis, from her kingdom of Etruria to the little principality of Entre Douro e Ceeral Minho which he proposed to carve out from the north Y~ of Portugal.

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