Sentence Examples

  • Rockhill, Journey through Mongolia and Thibet (1894); F.
  • His writings comprise, besides numerous letters and memoirs in the Annales de la propagation de la foi, the famous Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie, le Thibet, et la Chine pendant les annees 1844-1846 (2 vols., Paris, 1850; Eng.
  • See, for information specially relating to the whole subject, the Abbe Desgodin's Mission du Thibet de 1855 a 1870 (Verdun, 1872); and "Account of the Pundit's Journey in Great Tibet," in the Royal Geographical Society's Journal for 1877.
  • TIBET, or Thibet, a country of central Asia.
  • Chinese character which had formerly the sound of po); in Mongolian, Ti%bet, Tobot; in Arabic, Tubbet; Istakhri (c. 590), Tobbat; Rabbi Benjamin (1165), Thibet; J.

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