Sentence Examples

  • Four of Ida's sons successively occupied his throne: Glappa 559-560, Adda 560-568, Aethelric 568-572, and Theodoric 572-579.
  • Of the first three nothing is known, but Theodoric is said (Historia Brittonum) to have been besieged by the Welsh under Urien in Lindisfarne.
  • Theodoric was succeeded by Frithuwald 579-585 or 586 and Hussa 586-592 or 593.
  • At this time the Ostrogothic kingdom, founded in Italy by Theodoric the Great, was shaken by internal dissensions, of which Justinian resolved to avail himself.
  • It contains two islands, Bisentina and Martana, the former containing a church constructed by Vignola, the latter remains of the castle where Amalasuntha, the daughter of Theodoric, was imprisoned and, strangled.

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