Sentence Examples

  • Thebes was forced to surrender and razed to the ground.
  • When her father, on discovering that Iocaste, the mother of his children, was also his own mother, put his eyes out and resigned the throne of Thebes, she accompanied him into exile at Colonus.
  • The grandeur of Thebes was a vulgar grandeur.
  • The Spartans were successful but did not pursue their advantage, and soon afterwards the Athenians, seizing their opportunity, sallied forth again, and, after a victory under Myronides at Oenophyta, obtained the submission of all Boeotia, save Thebes, and of Phocis and Locris.
  • The Story of Thebes, for instance, was doubtless suggested by the "romance" which Cressida and her companions are represented as reading when interrupted by Pandarus (Troilus and Cressida, II.