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  • Thayer, with other essays, 1889), originally a lecture, and in spite of the compression due to its form, up to that time probably the ablest defence, based on external evidence, of the Johannine authorship, and certainly the completest treatment of the relation of Justin Martyr to this gospel.
  • Thayer, A Short History of Venice (New York, 1905); H.
  • In South Braintree are the Thayer Academy (co-educational; opened 1877) and the Thayer public library, both founded by and named in honour of General Sylvanus Thayer (1785-1872), a well-known military engineer born in Braintree, who was superintendent of the United States Military Academy in 1817-1833 and has been called the "father of West Point."
  • WILLIAM GREENOUGH THAYER SHEDD (1820-1894), American Presbyterian, was born in Acton, Massachusetts, on the 21st of June 1820.
  • Thayer (2 vols., Cambridge, 1894-1895).

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