Sentence Examples

  • At Taenarum in Laconia he had a famous cave-like temple, with an asylum, and on the island of Tenos he was worshipped as the physician, probably in reference to the health-giving properties of the sea air.
  • Of Tenos; it forms an eparchy in the modern kingdom of Greece.
  • The famous marble quarries of Paros have been practically abandoned in modern times; the marble of Tenos is now worked by a British syndicate.
  • On the outbreak of the war of Greek independence refugees from Chios, after being scattered throughout Tenos, Spezia, Hydra, &c., and rejected by the people of Ceos, took up their residence at Syra under the protection of the French flag.
  • To S.E., and it is traversed throughout its length by a mountain range, which forms part of the chain that bounds Thessaly on the E., and is continued south of Euboea in the lofty islands of Andros, Tenos and Myconos.