Sentence Examples

  • Tdm-LI-in, they are heard); t~m-tw-f, he is heard; tdm-n-f, he heard Ldm-n-tw-f, he was heard; also, tdm-ln-f, t~m-11r-f, -fdm-k,-f.
  • Later, tdm-f is ordinarily expressed by periphrases; but by the loss of n, t~m-n-f became itself sdm-f, which is the ordinary past in demotic. Cnptic preserves Ldm-f forms of many verbs in its causative (e.g.
  • Thus tdm.t-f may mean she whom he hears, she who~se praises] he hears, she reigned in different countries forming a compact and not very large areaperhaps from South Arabia to Asia Minor, and from Persia to Crete and Egypt.

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