Sentence Examples

  • The Sakhalin Gulf and Gulf of Tartary connect it with the Japanese Sea on the west of the island of Sakhalin, and on the south of this island is the La Perouse Strait.
  • Although Turkestan and Central Asia were formerly known as Independent Tartary, it is not now usual to call the Sarts, Kirghiz and other inhabitants of those countries Tatars, nor is the name usually given to the Yakuts of Eastern Siberia.
  • Lear preferred to give a geographical colour to his absurdities, as in: - "There was an old person of Tartary Who cut through his jugular artery, When up came his wife, And exclaimed, ' O my Life, How your loss will be felt through all Tartary!'" but this is by no means essential.
  • Contemporary observers agree that the disease was introduced from the East; and one eyewitness, Gabriel de Mussis, an Italian lawyer, traced, or indeed accompanied, the march of the plague from the Crimea (whither it was said to have been introduced from Tartary) to Genoa, where with a handful of survivors of a Genoese expedition he landed probably at the end of the year 1347.
  • Sakhalin is separated from the mainland by the narrow and shallow Strait of Tartary or Mamiya Strait, which often freezes in winter in its narrower part, and from Yezo (Japan) by the Strait of La Perouse.

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