Sentence Examples

  • ALPHEUS ('AX t6; mod.
  • The external part of the lateral field subsequently 14 grows up, and by coalescence with its fellow forms the t6 tergite or dorsal part of the segment.
  • STEPHEN GROVER CLEVELAND (1837-1908), president of the United States from 1885 to 1889, and again from 1893 t6 1897, was born, the fifth in a family of nine children, in the village of Caldwell, Essex (disambiguation)|Essex county, New Jersey, on the 18th of March 1837.
  • The estimated receipts from the " Tithes " (including tobacco and silk, both hypothecated to the Public Debt Administration) are £T6, 73 1,107.
  • "Middle" or "South Wall" (T6 8ta Oo-ov TE7Xos, Plato, Gorg.

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