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  • Renan, De Philosophia Peripatetica apud Syros (1852), and Averroes et l'Averroisme (Paris, 3rd ed., 1867); Am.
  • De sacris ecclesiae ordinationibus secundum antiquos et recentiores latinos, graecos, syros et babylonios (1655), which expresses those irenical views on the subject of ordination which recommended Morin to Urban VIII.
  • Among his many works are: Grammatica syriaca (1867-1870); Vocabulary of the Tigre language (1868); Das Gedicht vom Hiob (1871); Die Prophetie des Joel and ihre Ausleger (1879); Die Saadjanische Ubersetzung der Hohenlieder ins Arabische (1882); Chrestomathia targumica (1888); Historia artis grammaticae apud Syros (1889); Ein samaritanisches Fragment (1893); Idee and Grundlinien einer allgemeiner Geschichte der Mystik (1893).
  • In 1874 and again in 1875, he presided over the Reunion Conferences held at Bonn and attended by leading ecclesiastics from the British Isles and from the Oriental Church, among whom were Bishop Christopher Wordsworth of Lincoln; Bishop Harold Browne of Ely; Lord Plunket, archbishop of Dublin; Lycurgus, archbishop of Syros and Tenos; Canon Liddon; and Professor Ossinine of St Petersburg.
  • SYRA, or Syros (anc. Eupos, perhaps Homeric Evpirt), a Greek island in the middle of the Cyclades, which in the 19th century became the commercial centre of the Archipelago, and is also the residence of the nomarch of the Cyclades and the seat of the central law courts.

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