Sentence Examples

  • From the Tower of London to the Parliament House in Suva, Fiji, ghosts have no boundaries.
  • Paul, starting with the conviction that the One God cannot appear substantially (oi)rtwo cos) on earth, and, consequently, that he cannot have become a person in Jesus Christ, had taught that God had filled the man Jesus with his Logos (o-ocpca) or Power (Suva us).
  • With few exceptions the islands are surrounded by barriers of coral, broken by openings opposite the mouths of streams. Viti Levu is the most important island not only from its size, but from its fertility, variety of surface, and population, which is over one-third of that of the whole group. The town of Suva lies on an excellent harbour at the south-east of the island, and has been the capital of the colony since 1882, containing the government buildings and other offices.
  • At Suva), but the mean temperature is much the same, viz., about 80° F.
  • Suva and Levuka have each a municipal government, and there are native district and village councils.