Sentence Examples

  • The Franco-German War engaged Flach's activities in other directions, and he spent two years (described in his Strasbourg apres le bonabardement, 1873) at work on the rebuilding of the library and the museum, which had been destroyed by Prussian shells.
  • STRASSBURG, or Strasburg (French Strasbourg), a town of Germany, the capital of the imperial province of Alsace-Lorraine and a fortress of the first rank, is situated in a fertile plain at the junction of the Ill and the Breusch, 2 m.
  • For the history of the bishopric see Grandidier, Histoire de l'eglise et des eveques-princes de Strasbourg (Strassburg, 1775-1778); Glockler, Geschichte des Bistums Strasburg (Strassburg, 1879-1880); and J.
  • Seyboth, Strasbourg historique (Strassburg, 1894); and C. Stahling, Histoire contemporaine de Strasbourg (Nice, 1884 seq.).