Sentence Examples

  • Leonard Nemoy, who played the original Spock also played an older version of himself in the most recent Star Trek movie, Star Trek which ties the beloved actors from the original series to the newest actors to play those characters.
  • Soon it becomes clear that McCoy has somehow altered the past, and Kirk and Spock must go through the Guardian at some point prior to McCoy's entry, locate him and prevent him from doing whatever it is that changes history.
  • The setting, the musicality and even the character choices as well as the frictions between Vulcans (long-treasured allies thanks to Mr. Spock) and the humans, created a real chasm of opinion between Star Trek fans.
  • Of course, they are forced to give up the brain, which is surgically returned to Spock, and the women are faced with the prospect of having to re-merge their lives with those of the other gender on the surface.
  • In the third feature film: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Kirk and his crew stole the limping and soon to be decommissioned Enterprise to rescue Saavik, the young Spock and David from the Genesis planet.