Sentence Examples

  • Dean suggested a pizza to give him time to get it out, and the two walked a few blocks to a favorite neighborhood spot—red­checkered tablecloth and scenes of Old Sorrento on the walls.
  • It predominates along the Ligurian Riviera from Bordighera to Spezia, and on the Adriatic, near San Benedetto del Tronto and Gargano, and, crossing the Italian shore of the Ioian Sea, prevails in some regions of Calabria, and terminates around the gulfs of Salerno, Sorrento and Naples.
  • Sorrento Castellammare.
  • It is pleasantly situated on and about Sorrento Point, the southern horn of Dublin Bay.
  • An electric tramway along the coast road to Sorrento was opened in 1905.