Sentence Examples

  • In March 1784 he entered into relations with a certain Jeanne de St Remy de Valois, a descendant of a bastard of Henry II., who after many adventures had married a soi-disant comte de Lamotte, and lived on a small pension which the king granted her.
  • Alexander, soi-disant earl of Stirling.
  • Among the Chinese the name of the silkworm is " si, " Korean " soi "; to the ancient Greeks it became known as Q?p, the nation whence it came was to them ?r?pE S and the fibre itself o ptKc v, whence the Latin sericum, the French soie, the German Seide and the English silk.
  • His essay Du perfectionnement moral et del' education de soi-meme was crowned by the French Academy in 1825.
  • (now married to Catherine, Charles VI.s daughter) as heir to the crown of France, to the detriment of the dauphin Charles, who was disavowed by his mother and called in derision the soi-disant dauphin of Viennois, When Henry V.