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  • He had a share in exposing the frauds of Constantine Simonides, who had asserted that the Codex Sinaiticus brought by Tischendorf from the Greek monastery of Mount Sinai was a modern forgery of which he was himself the author.
  • Azzo di Correggio died in 1362, and Laelius, Simonides, Barbato, in the following year.
  • 147-156; Simonides, fr.
  • Iambic poets (3): Simonides of Amorgos, Archilochus, Hipponax.
  • Lyric poets (9): Alcman, Alcaeus, Sappho, Stesichorus, Pindar, Bacchylides, Ibycus, Anacreon, Simonides of Ceos.

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