Sentence Examples

  • Ind., 1893, 13, p. 887) digest carbon bisulphide with ammonia and lime in quantities slightly in excess of those demanded by the following equation: 2CS 2 + 2NH 3 + 2Ca(OH) 2 = Ca(SCN) 2 Ca(SH)2+4H20; the product is then treated with a current of carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate being precipitated, sulphuretted hydrogen escaping, and calcium sulphocyanide remaining in solution.
  • Chromic thiocyanate, Cr(SCN) 3, an amorphous deliquescent mass, is formed by dissolving the hydroxide in thiocyanic acid and drying over sulphuric acid.
  • The double thiocyanate, Cr(SCN) 3.3KCNS 4H 2 O, is also known.
  • In many of these salts one finds that the elements of water are frequently found in combination with the metal, and further, that the ammonia molecule may be replaced by such other molecular groups as - N02, &c. Of the types studied the following may be mentioned: the diammine chromium thiocyanates, M[Cr(NH3)2 (SCN)4], the chloraquotetrammine chromic salts, R 1 2 [Cr(NH 3) 4 H 2 0 C1], the aquopentammine or roseo-chromium salts,R 1 3 [Cr(NH 3) 6.
  • This was to avoid a responsibility for which he felt unfit - a frequent attitude of more pious Moslems. Others say that al-Mandi, scn of al-Mansur, actually constrained him to be a judge and that he died a few days after.

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